Have the ability to monitor your retail business from anywhere using our CloudPOS. Manage Sales, Inventory Cash & everything in between

Business Intelligence

We use past, present and future views of your business to anticipate outcomes, improve operational efficiency and reach your goals faster

Strategy & Performance Mgt

We create a streamlined way to visualize , quantify and monitory your strategic goals enabling you to improve your performance with accuracy


10 years Experience

Information-Streams is a Data Engineering Ugandan firm founded in 2017, with a perfect blend of business domain experts and technology experts, this combined knowledge makes it critical to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment.

Our mission is to help companies capitalize on their data in order to initiate and sustain significant improvements in business performance.
We help transform businesses into data driven entities, making the entire business/organization depend on data and information, from understanding customers to developing a product and setting a direction.

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Data Integration

Data Architecture, Migration and Integration ,Governance ,Security ,Quality Mgt, Meta and Master Data Management


Conduct and manage all aspects of your business with the one,easy to use system. It gives you less to worry about and more time to spend growing your business

Business Intelligence

Data Warehouse Architecture and Implementation,Data Delivery (Enterprise Reporting, OLAP, Dashboards,Event Driven BI and Applications)

Big Data & Technology

Big Data Strategy, Architecture and Roadmap ,Planning, Design and Implementation of Hadoop and other Big Data Environments, Testing, Performance Tuning and Optimization

AWS & Cloud

Cloud Strategy Development, Implementation Roadmap Development, Integrating the Cloud through Managed Processes and Automation

Data Driven Apps

Bringing Modern Data-Driven Applications to the Enterprise

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Useful analytics on your POS

Gain the transparency that you always wanted with our intelligent business analytics. Use our central dashboard to review sales, customer profiles and overall business performances. Above all make better decisions with our cloud-based POS

It’s in the cloud

We securely store your data in the cloud. So , if your computer acting as your cash register fails or get stolen, all you need to do is switch to another computer.  At information-Streams we store your important business data securely in the cloud to protect your business against events like computer thefts, viruses and unexpected breakdowns

24/7 support

We are available 24 hours to support your business through email, mobile,skype,chat. We dont need to be at your premises to solve your problem


The POS also works offline, All offline transactions are automatically synced without store’s data once you get back online.
Therefore your stuff will continue selling,even when there’s no internet .

You do not need to worry about data charges. These are included in your monthly payments

Our POS works on any device that has a browser, Phone, iPad, Computer

No other charge. Make your monthly payments and you will have access