Automated Performance Scorecard

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Customer: All Clients

Category: Perfomance

Date: 21 August, 2015

Status: In Progress

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Tags: finance

About the project

The objective of this project is to help companies with a way to facilitate, monitor and assess the implementation of their strategies.
The tool helps represent the progress over time of an entity such as the entire company, the individual company, a department(business unit) towards some targeted specified goals

What we intend to do

Our Vision of the product

  • Re-engineer applications

    Re-engineer the core business applications and define near term and longer term recommendatations based on technology enhancements required

  • Process Workflows

    Develop process workflows for the processes and ensure information to be used for performance tracking is captured

  • Data Governamce

    Implement an effective data governance framework ensuring quality data is captured and used for reporting

  • Link Goals

    Identify and link individual goals within the company with each employee assigned KPIs that are used to measure their perfomance

  • Data Modelling

    Develop data and process model where scores to measures are aggregated from different source applications and act as source to scorecard application or for other reporting purposes


To unlock business potential through strategy and KPI management by communicating strategic goals across the organisation and monitoring there progress over time

The visualizations listed below are to support the communication strategy and causal relationships between KPIs, corporate objectives and initiatives.

  • Smart KPI Watchlist
  • Strategy Trees
  • Strategy Wheel
  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Strategy Maps
  • Cause and Effect Maps