Automated Product Price Aggregation

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Customer: Confidential

Category: Market Research

Date: 21 May, 2018

Status: In Process

Tags: Research

About the project

Using our solution, data is gathered and aggregated into a  central repository that is accessed by our clients. Using our mobile application, a photo of a product tagged with a price is taken and sent to our server for processing.
Relevant data is then picked off this item and stored in our database
This information is then displayed on a dashboard accessible through our clients.
For validation/ transparency purposes, image (together with its metadata) from which a record is generated will be accessible should our client require to view it.


Solution is offered as a managed service and is subject to Service Level agreements that are managed through our ticketing tool
As your partner, all resources (human, hardware, software and infastructure) involved in gathering and processing is managed by Information-Streams.

Benefits Include:

  • Our clients spend less time on data Collection
  • Increase in data accuracy¬†
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Less costs on data collection and Analysis
  • Improved monitoring and outreach in rural areas


A customer has access to a dashboard with the following details:

  • Daily price records
  • Provision for viewing the image from where a record was generated
  • Fields include Geo-location data and timestamps
  • Interactive Trend analysis