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We have worked with various companies both Private and Government.

Unioil Uganda

Software & Marketing Consulting

Making business processes by linking all organizational operations. Implementation of ERP Solution. Information-Streams Uganda

Toyota Uganda Limited

Software & Marketing Consulting

With an objective of Streaming the process from Purchase to car delivery, Information-Streams developed of an order to delivery tracking system

QG Saatchi and Saatchi

Software & Marketing Consulting

Developed a Customer Campaign and Project Management (Customer Relationship Management) Tool to keep track of campaigns, paid/outstanding payments, job schedules and fulfilments etc

Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development

Software & Marketing Consulting

We provide Ministry of Finance with a web baed revenue monitoring framework that helps monitor and review the perfomance of individual taxes against the set targes and also tracks movement in the different tax bases to better inform management on the possible areas of improvement in both tax policy and administration

National Social Security Fund

Software & Marketing Consulting

Implementation of a Corporate Performance Scorecard. Company needed a way to facilitate, monitor and assess implementation of its strategies. We provided a streamlined way of visualiing, quantifying and monitoring their strategic goals enabling them to improve their perfomance with accuracy