Oracle BI Implementation NSSF Uganda

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Customer: NSSF Uganda

Category: Pensions

Date: 21 August, 2015

Status: In Process

Tags: finance, pension

About the project

The purpose of this project is to automatically make data available for reporting and analysis within the organization, and in turn encourage self-service BI within organization.

Almost every application within NSSF collects and stores data, and this data resides in relational database management systems, with data for a few different processes stored in other formats like excel, 85% of the defined KPIs to be used for reporting are derived from data captured by these applications.

Core reporting requirement was the organization scorecard, which is a collection of related objectives,initiatives and documents under a score, this score is to measure how well the business initiative is doing in a simple and summarized statement.

What we did

Key Deliverables where:

  • Organisational Scorecard

    Departmental scorecards to measure and visualize performance of each department.

  • Strategy Management

    Implement the 6 Major strategy visualization; Strategy wheel, Strategy Tree,Cause and effect map,KPI watchilist

  • Actionable Intelligence

    Track KPIs and send notifications in case of deviation from norm or target

  • Dashboards

    Visual narratives of individual scores

  • Data warehouse

    A consolidated data source that ingests data from disparate data sources / systems

  • DataServ Platform

    A tool used for integration of external/ manual data into the data warehouse


NSSF now has a streamlined way to visualize, quantify and monitor their strategic goals which provides a way to enable them to improve their performance with accuracy.
Other project results included:

  • Re-engineered the core business processes; Collections, Benefits and Registrations, and defined near term and longer-term recommendations based on technology enhancements required
  • Implemented an effective data governance framework
  • Identified and linked individual goals within the company with employee assigned performance measures(KPIs) that where to be used to measure their performance
  • Centralized all reporting information into a data warehouse and automated scorecard generation, with KPI watch-lists, strategy trees
  • Developed a data and process model where scores to measures are aggregated from the different source applications and acts a source to the scorecard solution